The Razor

"The wheel Tesla didn't make"

We found beauty in the unique form of the sleek side mirrors, the air outlets in the interior, minimalist door handles, the various shapes of fine imbalance and trapezoid shapes. And who can´t forget the maybe most beautiful back in automobile design, with its signature tail lights. A perfect blueprint.  This inspired us to shape the necessary brake cooling openings as beautifully sculptured “D’s”, recessed to the inside/backside of the wheel to further minimize turbulences. Creating deep reflections of the sky and sun above we shaped a beautifully curved bowl. A “sensual cheekbone“ visually connecting the holes with the center area, contradicting the technical looks of “spikes” oozing sensuality and soul.

The perfect balance of feminine and male shape.

The lug nuts are hidden by a machined aluminium disc milled to perfection with minimal gaps and topped with a super innovative closing mechanism showing no visible recess, unrivaled within the competition. The aim – creating the clean appearance of a classic center lock. Contrasting to the soft shape in the center area we designed a super detail etched ring coated with exclusive dark or black chrome and our discreet logo in raised lettering. An ornament wrapping around our TNA center cap, also interchangeable with the OEM center cap, standing out in the sea of wheels.

The 21″ & 22″ Razor is milled out of one piece of forged aerospace-grade aluminium, a monoblock. Forging is a manufacturing process where metal is compressed and strengthened by pounding it under great pressure to achieve a higher density with zero impurities. The design, featuring a bespoke left and right wheel, matches the Tesla exterior design language seamlessly.

The 19″ Razor  is meticulously crafted as a cast wheel yet retaining the same obsessed approach to quality and soul like its bigger brothers. Thanks to a modular casting mold, we can make a bespoke left and right version. After the cast we mill the surface to achieve the same sharp impression and standout character.

No plastic hubcap – simply a well designed aluminium aerowheel standing the test of time.

Our relentless striving for perfection consequently led to being internationally awarded with the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design, the iF Design Award in the product discipline, and the Automotive Brand Contest from the German Design Council, scoring in both the Brand Design, and Future Mobility & Parts categories.