The Razor™

Powerful contradictions: Aggressive and elegant. Sharp and smooth. Efficient and sexy.

The wheel Tesla didn´t make.

The Razor is milled out of one piece of forged aerospace-grade aluminium, a monoblock. Forging is a manufacturing process where metal is compressed and strengthened by pounding it under great pressure to achieve a higher density. The 21″ size, featuring a bespoke left and right wheel, matches the Tesla exterior design language seamlessly. We found beauty in the unique form of the sleek side mirrors, minimalist door handles and signature tail lights. This inspired us to shape the necessary brake cooling openings as beautifully sculptured “D’s”.

To create deep reflections of the sky and sun above we shaped a beautifully curved bowl. A “sensual cheekbone“ visually connecting the holes with the center area. The lug nuts are protected by a machined aluminium disc milled to perfection with minimal gaps and topped with a super innovative closing mechanism showing no visible recess, undrivaled within the competiton. The aim-creating the clean appearance of a classic center lock. Contrasting to the soft shape in the center area we embed the raised logo in an extraordinary etched ring coated with exclusive dark or black chrome. An ornament wrapping around either the original Tesla Logo or our own. A true original look.

Standing out from the crowd, upgrading the Model S and finally symbolizing what this car is all about: sheer elegance and raw power with an obsession to detail.