About Us

The Mission

We drive these next level cars every day.

Now being in its second generation, the Model S is still the most beautiful sedan on the market. They never grow old. However, we couldn’t feel the same sense of aesthetics when looking for wheels. Way back in 2012, Tesla introduced the original 19“ aero wheel design with the start of the first generation Model S. It was quickly discontinued and to this day never reevaluated. Something was missing. The challenge is about creating a wheel that is in perfect harmony with the engineering and design of the car.

We wanted the wheel Tesla never made. A wheel with good design, better handling and less energy consumption. Improving every aspect.


We met through the Tesla Owners community, a unique platform where progressive ideas are shared and critically analyzed. Sweden and Germany took part in discussions about wheels, efficiency and the limited choices for all of us. We all wanted something more.

Alexander, the dedicated Tesla enthusiast, has family background of entrepreneurs in air transportation and industrialism. Tesla’s approach to creating the most fun car which also happens to be electric got him hooked. He loves cooking a nice dinner or even flying his kids to see a beautiful sunset with his plane.

Rasmus, our “hardcore” mechanical engineer, graduated from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Fly fishing with his brothers to relax, he’s our analytical observer, brilliant in his way of solving even the most challenging of engineering tasks.

Ulrich, through his work with and love of cars, and being in photography, he has a special view of designtrends and the beautiful things in life. He loves taking his family on electric road trips throughout Europe. He is our creative visionary and caring soul. He brings the team together.